Musical Theatre

Musical theatre | Admission Requirements

I. Deadline: April 2012
II. Course Overview
  1. Duration: 3 years
  2. Related Careers: Composer, Educator, Musical Director, Playwright, Pop Singer, Theatre Director, Vocal Arranger, Vocal Coach, Writer
  3. Career Path: Musical Theatre Performer, Performer - Musicals and Plays, Actor - Theatre, Film and Television, Cabaret Artiste, Vocalist

III. Admission Requirements:

  1. Supporting documents
  • Completed High School (Grade 12), Junior College or Pre-University education.
  • Notarized copies of certificates and transcripts with official English translations
  • Curriculum Vitae (where applicable)
  • Academic Testimonial and/or Professional References/ Recommendation Letter (where applicable)
  • Evidence of English proficiency either via IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550
       2.    Audition Guidelines
  • Singing
    • You must perform two songs from memory, in English. Each song should be from a musical theatre source and be contrasting in style showing your range and technique.
    • The combined duration of the songs should not exceed five minutes.
    • You may bring your own accompanist or use the accompanist provided. If you use our accompanist, you must bring the music of your songs in the key in which you will perform. Please ensure the music is either taped to fold out or is inserted in a folder. Please do NOT bring loose pages.
    • Please note that backing tapes are not permitted. All songs must be performed with live piano accompaniment.
    • NOTE: Choose songs that are appropriate for your age, experience and are not at the extremes of your vocal range. We prefer to hear performances of works that you feel comfortable with rather than something that will cause you difficulty.
  • Acting
    • You must perform one monologue from memory in English not exceeding two minutes in duration.
    • Please provide the audition panel with a copy of your speech.
    • Note: Choose an acting piece that is appropriate for your age and experience. If possible, read the entire play from which your speech is taken. This will give you a greater understanding when performing a small section of the play. Use minimum 'props' and only if they are essential to the piece.
  • Dance
    • You are NOT required to prepare any dance material for this initial audition. However, it is advisable to bring dance gear with you should the audtion panel ask you to audition for a dance class at that time.


  • Callback
    • At the completion of your audition, you may be asked to return at a later time for an interview and further group work. It may be later in the day of your audition or at another time. Please allow approximately four hours for this callback.

IV. Fee:
  1. Application fee: S$120
  2. Tuition fee: S$21,000 (per annum amount)