Music (Jazz Performance) | Admission Requirements
I. Deadline: April 2012
II. Course Overview
  1. Duration: 3 years
  2. Related Careers: Producer, Music Reviewer, Voice Talent, Pop Singer, Vocal Coach, Educator, Music technology Specialist for Film, Theatre and Television
  3. Career Path: Performer, Composer, Music Arranger, Music Director, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer

III. Admission Requirements:

  1. Supporting documents
  • Completed High School (Grade 12), Junior College or Pre-University education.
  • Notarized copies of certificates and transcripts with official English translations
  • Curriculum Vitae (where applicable)
  • Academic Testimonial and/or Professional References/ Recommendation Letter (where applicable)
  • Evidence of English proficiency either via IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550
       2.    Audition Guidelines
  • You are required to attend an interview with audition to demonstrate your creative potential. You are expected to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the music you are playing, as well as a clear vision for your own musical future.
  • Theory/Aurual/Academic: Complete a  theory, written essay and aural test set by the School of Contemporary Music.
  • Practical (Music scores must be submitted to the audition panel): Present 3 contrsasting pieces with the following conditions for Jazz, Popular Music, Classical, Music Technology and Composition.
  • Music Training Pre-requisites

    • Theory: ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall Grade 6 or higher. 
    • Previous qualifications in practical exams are preferred but not a requirement for entry into the programme. You will be judged solely on your ability to perform during the audition and interview process.
  • Additional Prerequisites:
    • 1 'Blues' with an improvised solo
    • 1 jazz standard with an improvised solo
    • 1 original composition by the applicant if possible
IV. Fee:
  1. Application fee: S$120
  2. Tuition fee: S$21,000 (per annum amount)