International Media Producing

International Media Producing Admission Requirements

I. Deadline: Open deadline (Fall/Spring) 
II. Admission Requirement: 
  1. The Proposal
  • Write a proposal (2,000 words/8 pages maximum) for a specific project that you could imagine producing. Write a log line, brief introduction and synopsis of the story (if applicable). Define your area of interest, describe the project in detail with historical and industry references and what the potential market for your project might be. Outline the crucial creative and commercial elements (e.g. creative package – story, writer, director, stars, artists, USP, etc.)  Outline potential costs and time line. Innovation, clarity and presentation are important. 
     2.  Personal Statement
  • The personal statement should express your goal as a producer and the reasons you are applying to the program.
     3.  Resume
  • Education, employment and creative work history (where applicable) should be included in the resume of all applicants.  

During the admissions process, interviews are conducted in Singapore, via video conference or by phone. We encourage candidates with diverse professional and educational experiences, coming from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

III. Tuition: $44,616 USD