Fine Arts | Admission Requirements
I. Deadline: April 2012
II. Course Overview
  1. Duration: 3 years
  2. With specialisms: Art Photography, Drawing, Graphic Novel, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Time-based Art
  3. Career Path: Art Consultant, Art Educator, Art Consultant, Art Dealer, Art Historian, Art Theorist, Art Conservator and Restorer, Curator, Museum Researcher, Gallery/Museum Managers, Art Specialists, Illustrator, Model and Prop Maker, Painter, Printmaker, Photographer, Sculptor, Video Artist, Visual Art Programme Officer

III. Admission Requirements:

  1. Supporting documents
  • Completed High School (Grade 12), Junior College or Pre-University education.
  • Notarized copies of certificates and transcripts with official English translations
  • Curriculum Vitae (where applicable)
  • Academic Testimonial and/or Professional References/ Recommendation Letter (where applicable)
  • Evidence of English proficiency either via IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550
        NOTE: 'A' Level Art/Art Elective Programme or International Baccalaureate (IB) Art & Design are not 
               required subjects but represent the portfolio standard for eligibility into the BA(Hons)

       2.    Portfolio Guidelines
  • A portfolio containing appropriate documentation of 10-15 examples of your artwork which can be presented in the form of slides, photographs, video, or Mac-compatiblw CDs or DVDs (digital images not exceeding 800KB) with accompanying explanations of your artwork. The portfolio could include a variety of 2D work (e.g. paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, digital imaging), 3D work (e.g. ceramics, sculptures, installations) or new media work (animation, video art, web art)
  • A scketchbook or visual research journal that allows us to see and experience your mode of creative ideas, whether resolved or unrealised.
  • Please include a summary of reasons for choosing the Fine Arts programme (to be submitted on interview day)
IV. Fee:
  1. Application fee: S$120
  2. Tuition fee: S$21,000 (per annum amount)