Film Admission Requirements

I. Deadline: January 1 
II. Admission Requirement: 
  1. The Creative Portfolio
  • Visual Submission: Choose one of the following formats (i.e., do not combine video and slides):
    • Video: The submission can contain one or more selections as long as the total running time does not exceed 30 minutes. We strongly recommend that applicants who are submitting a DVD also submit an online backup of their work. Video footage of staged plays or theatre performances is not acceptable.
    • Photographs (Stills): no more than 10 stills on any subject, black and white or color, with or without commentary. The size must be 8" x 10" (or the closest metric standard). The photographs may also be a presentation of work in other media, such as painting, illustration, sculpture, architectural drawings, set design, costume design, etc. 
    • Slides: submit no more than 20 slide transparencies, inserted into a single plastic slide sheet. As in the case of still photographs, slides can be on any subject of the applicant’s choice, including other media.
  • Written Submissions: submit all of the following:
    1. A story synopsis for a four-minute silent film. Only exterior settings should be used, without description of camera angles. There should be a visual story line and characters, but no voice-over, dialogue, or music (typed, double-spaced, in paragraph form up to four pages).
    2. A dialogue scene between two people. Provide a one-paragraph introduction identifying the background and personality traits of the characters (typed screenplay format, maximum of two pages).
    3. Describe one concept for a feature-length script, narrative, or documentary that you would like to develop (one page, typed, double-spaced).
  • The Creative Portfolio Contents Guide Sheet. (this form is located in the "downloadable forms" section of the online application).
  • Passport-sized photograph of yourself (stapled to the Creative Portfolio Contents Guide Sheet).

  • Please send the requested items only. Failure to do so will be grounds for automatic disqualification. Please, no substitutions, variations, extraneous materials, or more pieces than asked for. Portfolio materials will not be returned.

    During the admissions process, interviews are conducted in Singapore, via video conference or 
     by phone. 
III. Estimated annual tuition and fees: $47,222 USD