Dramatic Writing

Dramatic Writing Admission Requirements

I. Deadline: February 1 
II. Admission Requirement: 
  1. Written Work
  • Prepare a sample or samples of written work, such as a full-length play or screenplay, of no fewer than 50  pages. Speculative television scripts (for existing programs) may be submitted but must be accompanied by original creative material of at least the same length. Only one speculative script may be submitted. Do not submit audiotapes or videotapes.

       2.   Letters of Recommendation

  • The Department of Dramatic Writing also requires three letters of recommendation, preferably from faculty, writers, or other theatre or film professionals who are familiar with your creative writing talents; a personal statement; and a resume.

       3.    Personal Statement

  • The personal statement should express your goals as a writer and the reasons you are applying to the program. The résumé should list productions, stagings, and any publication of your work as well as any work experience relevant to your writing career. These items should be sent with the application for admission.

During the admissions process, interviews are conducted in Singapore, via video conference or 
by phone. 

III. Estimated annual tuition and fees: $46,132 USD