Arts & Cultural Management Admission Requirements

I. Deadline: September 1, 2011
II. Course Overview
  1. Duration: 1.5 years (3 semesters)
  2. Mode: Full-time. Classes will be conducted in evening mode.
  3. Intake: Jan 2012
  4. Career Path: Arts/Cultural Entrepreneur, Arts Manager, Gallery Manager, Museum/Arts Executive, Arts Writer/Critic, Arts Consultant, Arts Marketing/Public Relation Manager, Museum Curator, Exhibition Manager, Events/Festival Manager, Programming Manager
III. Admission Requirements:
  1. A degree in Arts Management, Arts or equivalent from a recognised institution.
  2. Minimum 2 years of relevant working experience in a related field or at least 4 years of working experience in a non-related field.
  3. Well-established professionals from other fields who wish to transfer to the cultural sector must demonstrate a commitment to the arts or heritage.
  4. A satisfactory score in written and spoken English OR a minimum of IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 600.
  5. Curriculum Vitae (indicating training/experience in the arts and/or volunteer experience)
  6. Two letters of recommendation: one professional, one academic
  7. Application Assignments
    • Research Proposal
                          Applications to the MA Arts & Cultural Management programme MUST include a Research
                          Proposal of 800-1000 words on a specific area in the field of Arts and Cultural Management that 
                          the applicant would like to pursue during the course of study that will culminate in a thesis. The
                          research proposal should be word processed, using Arial 11-pt font on double spacing. It should
                          contain the compromising: 
      • A self-explanatory title
      • A background of the proposed research topic
      • The rationale and objective of the research area
      • The significance of the proposed research area
      • A brief explanation of how the research will be conducted
    • Personal Statement
                           A 500 words personal statement indicating why the applicant wish to pursue a career in 
                           Arts Management, what led him/her to this point and what makes him/her a good candidate for
                           admission into the programme. 
IV. Fee:
  1. Application fee: S$120
  2. Tuition fee: S$18,000 (per annum amount)